Our Darkmoon Faire consists of many things – as a main decoration piece, we have our big Darkmoon tent which measures 3 by 3 meters.

We have small games based on the in-game Darkmoon Faire quests.

  • Target: Turtle, in which a turtle is moving around with a stick on top onto which participants need to toss rings.
  • Tonk Commander: Participants drive around a small RC tank and knock over targets within a set time limit.
  • He Shoots, he scores: a shooting game in which you need to hit as many targets as possible with a set number of nerf-bullets.

For our last few events, we’ve had prizes for our games sponsored by Steelseries and Blizzard.

Apart from games, we also have large photo backdrops with Horde and Alliance logos, banners for various factions, a large weapon rack full of staves, axes and swords, lots of armor pieces and other props and a rideable cheetah.

We can also be invited without our faire and perform tasks such as cosplay judging, panels on crafting etc. Read about our individual members to see what we each offer.

Here’s a video showing some of the things we offer – video made at Koyocon 2017:

Video showing our corner at Dreamhack Summer 2016:


These photos are from Koyocon 2017:

Here are some photos from Dreamhack Leipzig 2017 – the first 14 photos taken by Fotograf-13:

The photos below were taken at Hydracon 2016, our 3rd convention we attended as a group.

And these photos were taken at Koyocon 2016: