Skymone Cosplay

Skymone aka Simone started cosplaying in 2013. She’d dabbled in the world of costuming before that in costumes made by her mother, but 2013 was the year that changed everything – the year of her first self-made costume, which was her in-game character Skymone the Night Elf druid  Shortly after, she met Michelle Louring, and together the two made their Dragon Aspect cosplays Ysera and Alexstrasza. Since then, Simone has created 6 cosplays from World of Warcraft, most of which are elves – her favourite in-game races are, coincidentally, night elves and blood elves. She plays for the Alliance, though, since “trolls have ugly feet and blood elves can’t be druids”.

When she’s not busy killing Murlocs in Azeroth or inhaling glue, she works as a multimedia designer. She uses these skills as much as she can for the group and enjoys making posters, business cards and other printables for the Warcrafters.

She’s also a bit of a “jack of all trades”  and likes to try as many techniques as possible within cosplay. She also published a book about the topic, which can be downloaded for free on her webpage.

Check below for photos of some of her cosplays or see her Facebook page or webpage for more photos and progress pictures!