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The Warcrafters is a group of cosplayers from Denmark.

We’re eight people who share a passion for World of Warcraft and the Blizzard games universes in general.

Most of us met through cosplay and meetings at various conventions in the end turned into strong friendships build on gaming, geekiness and dressing up in weird costumes. In the summer of 2015, we took it a step further, banding together to set up our very own Warcraft-themed corner at a small Danish convention to showcase our cosplays and props.

We must have done something right, because almost immediately after we were invited to another, slightly bigger convention, that same year and we accepted the challenge and decided to recreate the Darkmoon Faire from World of Warcraft, so we could entertain people with games, panels and events.

Go to the Darkmoon Faire page to see what our corner has to offer or click below to learn about each of our members.

The people

Melefica Cosplay

Armor and prop maker extraordinare – maker of many of the props you will see at our booth.

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Zibartas Cosplay

Our engineer and metal-worker in the group, using unusual materials and lots of animatronics and lights.

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Skymone Cosplay

Our jack of all trades, doing some tailoring, some armoring, electronics and webdesign/graphics.

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Mike Mørch

Although his interest is not in making cosplays, he’s a valued member of the group, bringing great social skills and helping us all!

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Namalyn Cosplay

Our certified tailor of the group. She does awesome needlework, but also has skills in armormaking

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Villanya Cosplay

Our newest member, she’s a skilled cosplayer who is keen to share her knowledge with new cosplayers

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WeaponSmith Cosplayer

Go big or go home – that’s WeaponSmith’s motto. His armor builds are impressive in size and quality!

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Our always cheerful social butterfly! Ninarrys cosplays are small and sweet and she always brings good mood to conventions.

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Photos of the group

Upcoming Events

Gamebox Festival

May 26th-28th, Herning, Denmark

A new Danish LAN-party that takes place in Herning’s large convention center. It has both cosplay, lan, merch area and many other events. We’ll be in the cosplay area with our booth.

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Fantasy Festival 2023

September 16th-17th, Esbjerg, Denmark

A Danish convention focused on fantasy, books, magic, witches and roleplay, featuring lots of books, art, medieval market, events and author talks. An absolutely magic event hosted by Esbjerg Library. Warcrafters will have a booth at this event.

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