Ahead of You, Down the Path
A Majestic, Magical Faire!
Ignore the Darkened, Eerie Woods
Ignore the Eyes That Blink and Stare
Fun & Games & Wondrous Sights!
Music & Fireworks to Light Up the Night!
Do Not Stop! You’re Nearly There!
Behold, My Friend: THE DARKMOON FAIRE!

The Warcrafters bid you welcome and open the doors to their real-life Darkmoon Faire!
We provide conventions with fun games, exhibitions, cosplayers and many other things!

The Warcrafters is a group of 7 Danish cosplayers who share a passion for World of Warcraft and the Warcraft universe in general.

Our goal is to provide a new dimension at conventions – an immerse “realm” where people of all ages and interests can come and be entertained and awed. Even though our theme is “World of Warcraft”, we welcome anyone to visit us – you don’t need knowledge of the universe to enjoy our corner!